Research cell

Dean Research and Development:
Prof. Dr. Mrs. Vrunda A. Joshi
Professor in Electrical Engineering

Research Co-ordinators

Department Research-Coordinator
Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. G. S. Modak
Department of Electrical Engineering Prof. M. P. Bhawalkar
Department of Printing Engineering Prof. Dr. Akshay Joshi
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Prof. Dr. Y. B. Thakare
Department of Computer Engineering Prof. Mrs.  Urmila  M. Kalshetti
Department of Information Technology Prof. Mrs. D. T. Varpe
Department of Applied Science Prof. Dr. Mrs. Shrilekha Ghatte
Department of Civil Engineering Prof. M.S. Kore

PhD Research Centers

There are PhD Research Center at following Departments
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Printing Engineering
  • Sponsored Research Projects at following departments