A Highly qualified teaching faculty (95 numbers) with an ideal blend of experienced and young faculty members. The supporting staff (95 numbers) is also experienced and well qualified.
Principal is assisted by
Dean-R&D: Prof Y. P. Nerkar,
Dean-Academics: Prof R. W. Pattarkine and
Dean Industry Institute Interaction: Prof. A. M. Kanetkar.

Research publications/ Papers Presented at National & International Level

Sno. Faculty Title Journals/ Magazines
1 Prof. M. M. Bhoomkar Computer aided Facility Layout Planning: A Case Study IE-Journal ,Vol. 05, No. 9
2 Prof. R. G. Kaduskar Electro-magnetic Interferencesin Communication Systemand Measurement Test Set-ups INSEMIC,Hyderabad, Dec. 1998
3 Prof. R. G. Kaduskar Video Conferencing Utilizationin India- A Survey IETE,New Delhi, Jan., 2000
4 Prof. Mrs. K. J. Kulkarni Mobile Broad Band Services INFOCOM-TECH,Rajasthan 2000
5 Prof. R. G. Kaduskar Applications of Wide Band CDMA Internet Mobile Communication A Case Study TENCON,Malaysia,Sept., 2001
6 Prof. A. V. Joshi Pilot Model-Electronic Line Shaft GRAVURE,GAA, Oct.2002,
Pg 58-62
7 Prof. Mrs. K. J. Kulkarni Analysis of C/I ratio of Mobile NCMTS,Communication System operatingin GHz Band NCMTS,Pune,Aug., 2003
8 Prof. A. V. Joshi Study & Analysis of Gravure Cell Structures GRAVURE,GAA,Oct.2003,
Pg 46-55
9 Prof. R. G. Kaduskar 3 G & 4 G Technology Future Trend Chennai Dec., 2003
10 Prof. Mrs. M. P. Mahajan Fountains not so easyas we may think Rind Survey,2004
11 Prof. R. G. Kaduskar Sencor Fusion in Shaping Control Robot INCON- CCC ,Chennai, 2004
12 Prof. M. M. Bhoomkar World Class Manufacturing WCM-2004,VIA, Nagpur,March, 2004
13 Prof. Y. B. Thakare
Prof. R. G. Kaduskar
Mrs. M. H. Belsare
Proposed Wireless Technology,4G-2010 IEI, Pune,March, 2004
14 Prof. M. M. Bhoomkar Manufacturing Excellence through WCM NCRTC-2004,RIT-Rajaramnagar,June, 2004
15 Prof. R. G. Kaduskar Wireless LAN for Mobile Operators IMAE-05, Pune,Jan., 2005
16 Prof. Mrs. P. A. Joshi Special effects on Images by Fourier Transform IMAE-05 Pune,Jan., 2005
17 Prof. R. G. Kaduskar Network Address Translation IMAE-05 Pune,Jan., 2005
18 Prof. M. M. Bhoomkar Emerging Technologies inI ntelligent Systems & Control CIPMAS,Singapore and KCT,Coimbatore Jan., 2005
19 Prof. R. G. Kaduskar Proposed Wireless Technology in 2010- 4G IEI-Journal 2005
20 Prof. M. M. Bhoomkar Advances in Manufacturing Technology in the era of Globalization IIPE, Pune PIET, PuneJan., 2005
21 Prof. R. G. Kaduskar Adaptive Brain Interface BVCOE Pune,Sept., 2005
22 Prof. M. M. Bhoomkar Man- Machine Interaction with Special emphasis on Automobile & Ancillary Manf. IEI, Nasik Oct., 2005
23 Prof. Y. B. Thakare Microcontroller based Intelligent Irrigation system NCSRT,Thane Nov., 2005
24 Prof. Y. B. Thakare Evolution & Advances in Wireless NCI Punjab,Nov., 2005
25 Prof. Y. B. Thakare Intelligent Irrigation: An Embedded Application NCI,Punjab,Nov., 2005
26 Prof. Y. B. Thakare Beyond 3G:4G Networks for Future NCI,Punjab,Nov., 2005
27 Prof. Y. B. Thakare Smart Sensing for Intelligent Irrigation NCET,Hyderabad,
28 Prof. M. M. Bhoomkar Taguchi technique of Quali-Cost Optimization IIIE, Pune Nov., 2005
29 Prof. M. M. Bhoomkar Critical Analysis of Performance Measures for WCM North Carolina, A & T, U.S.A
BIT,Coimbatore,Dec., 2005

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