We Are The Hustlers!

Entrepreneurship Devlopment Cell is PVG's COET's program to encourage and transform Engineers into Entrepreneurs. We aim to enhance activities and provide training to students interested into fields such as : Management, Business strategies Economics, Marketing, Business Organization, Stock Market and Shares.

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Entrepreneurs are Creators. They are the primary driving force of the market, bringing about revolutions in their respective fields.


Various events are organised throughout the year by the Enrepreneurship Devlopment Cell.


All the perfect moments captured with a smile. Students participating in various events conducted by EDC.

Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College of Engieering and Technology

To achieve excellence in engineering education.


The more advanced version of V-Sharez being introduced for the next level of venturers! V-sharez is a real life sim of the stock market that gives a feel of strategy, hustle, losses, & obviously the best part ,huge gains !

Business Plan

Organised once again under ED Cell's project Venturers. It's a B-planning event i.e. Paper presentation and Business skills in one package. It's our soul!

Crick Auction

This event makes you the don of the hat of a bidder. You need to manage your budget and you can strategise to make the best possible team competing against other opponents who will give you a run for your money, quite literally.


Entrepreneurs are Creators!